Blue Beetle Movie?

I wish.

If he was in Smallville for more than one episode I would have watched that show all the time.

Here’s a you tube video of someone who has some cool ideas about making Ted Kord’s story into a film.

And to you, video creator, I say make this movie – It would be infinitely better than Green Lantern. If I earned more money, I would give you some.

Linsay @softlyspokenlas

So, what are your thoughts on the Blue Beetle?

I blog with friends at and just realised I had my own space here. My friends know I love Blue Beetle, especially!/surelyshine who made me a lovely bracelet using Ted Kord’s colours. It was really great. I will only be allowed so much column space on BB before someone goes ‘He’s dead Linsay, get over it!!’ so I figured I’d put most of my BB stuff here 🙂